These days, a lot of research in various fields of Engineering, Management and Sciences  is taking place throughout the world. These researches are beneficial to not only academicians but to industrial organizations too. Globally, there is an increasing demand for such researches which can provide directions to academicians and organization to improve their business performance.
    We the members of knowledge society easily get opportunity to contribute our research findings in international conferences, seminars and symposium in unified area. Looking to the futuristic technological need where micro to nano miniaturization is already visualized, a real need of multi disciplinary research & collaborations has become essential for scientific community to march ahead in research for betterment of including & social life.
    The objective of  both conferences is to provide a special forum to present and discuss multidisciplinary research work & to facilitates sharing multidisciplinary research based knowledge among academicians & industry people in several areas of Engineering, Management and Sciences  
    Our conferences will provide a special forum to present and discuss multidisciplinary emerging technologies , PG dissertation work and research work leading to Ph.D. & to facilitates sharing multidisciplinary research based knowledge among academicians & industry people in several areas of Engineering, Management and Sciences.

  • Papers on topics related with different Emerging Technologies and Applications in Engineering, Management  and Sciences based on Information, Knowledge & Research are invited. Research papers/ technical articles  related with below mentioned areas are invited

Computer Architecture 
Data Base Management Systems 
Data Structures and Algorithms 
Computer Communication and Networks 
System Analysis and Design 
System Software 
Object Oriented Analysis and Design 
Operating Systems 
Unix and Network Programming 
Advanced Databases 
Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems 
Internet Programming and Tools 
Visual Programming 
Advanced Java Programming 
Electronic Commerce 
Software Quality Management 
Parallel and Distributed computing 
Data Mining and Data Warehousing 
Component Based Development 
Network Protocols and Management 
Optimization Techniques 
Advanced Software Engineering 
Principles of Compiler Design 
Computer Peripheral and Interfacing Techniques 
Software Agents 
Computer simulation and Modelling 
Program Design and Development
Telecommunication Switching Techniques 
Information Coding Techniques  
TCP/IP and socket Programming 
Multimedia Systems  
Cryptogrphy & Steganography
Ethical Hacking
Bio Informatics
Fault Tolerant Systems
Decision Support Systems 
Management Information System 
Image Processing  
Artificial Intelligence 
Soft Computing 
Blue Tooth Technology 
Optical Computing 
Natural Language Processing
Enterprise Resource Planning 
Parallel Processing 
Interactive Computer Graphics 
Probability and Queueing Theory
Network protocols, Management and Security 
Neural Computing 
Real Time Systems 
Digital Speech and Image Processing
Pattern Recognition 
High Performance Microprocessors 
Graph Theory 
Java Virtual Machine 
Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation 
TCP/IP-Design and Implementation 
Component ware Architectures 
Mainframe Computing 
High Performance Networks 
Network Design Security and Management
Medical Informatics  
Web Technology
Wireless Technologies
Internet Technologies
Role of It in Development of rural area
Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology
Quantum Computing
Artificial Intelligence 
Embedded System and Design 
Linear IC’s and Application 
Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Design (VLSI)
Intelligent Controllers 
Bio-Medical Instrumentation 
Power Electronics 
Robotics and Vision System 
Sensor and Signal Processing 
Design of Mechatronics System 
Programmable Logic Control 
Automotive Electronics 
Measurements and Instrumentation 
Communication Theory and Systems 
Television and Video Engineering 
Antennas and Propagation 
 Advanced Electronic System Design 
Advanced Solid State Devices 
Computer Aided Analysis and Design 
Advanced Digital Signal Processing 
Cellular Mobile Communication 
Electromagnetic Theory          
Network Analysis And Synthesis   
Transmission & Distribution
Design Of Electrical Apparatus  
Protection & Switchgear
High Voltage Engineering   
Computer Aided Design Of Electrical Apparatus
EHV AC & DC Transmission Engineering
Power System 
Neural Networks and Application to Power Systems  
Solid State Relays
Power Plant Instrumentation  
Advanced Control Systems  
Advanced Power Electronic Systems
WDM Networks
Wireless Technologies
Broad Band Communication
Imaging Systems in Medicine 
Modulation and coding theory
Microwave and Satellite Communication
Global Tracking and Positioning System
Communication Network Security 
Bio-signal processing
RF system design 
Transducer Engineering
Industrial Electrical & Electronic Instrumentation 
Microprocessor & Microcontroller applications
Electromagnetic Interface and Compatibility 
Integrated Services Digital Network 
Telecommunication Switching and Networks 
Telecommunication System Modeling and Simulation
Modern Digital Communication Techniques
Multimedia Compression Techniques
Optical Fiber Communication
Radar and Navigation Aids
Special Electro Mechanical Devices
Solid State Drives 
Switched mode and Resonant Converters
Advance control of PWM Inverter fed Induction Motor
Power Conditioning
Microprocessor Applications in Power Electronics 
Advanced Digital Control System
Computer Methods in Power System Analysis. 
Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS)
Wind Energy and Other Non-conventional Energy Systems
Electric Energy Utilization And Conservation 
Fuzzy Set Theory and Application to Power Systems 
Special Electrical Machines

Mechanical Vibrations 
Design for Manufacture .
Composite Materials Technology .
Advanced Optimization Techniques
Advanced Maintenance Management
Productivity Management and Re-Engineering
Reliability Engineering
Supply Chain Management
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Stochastic models of Manufacturing Systems
Production Technology 
Thermal Engineering 
Design of Machine Elements 
Engineering Metrology 
Machine Tools
Measurements and Controls 
Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools 
Power plant Engineering 
Process Planning and Cost Estimation Automobile Engineering 
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
CNC Technology  
Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping 
Advanced Thermodynamics
Renewable Energy Systems
Energy Conservation and Management
Bio-Energy Conversion Technologies
Hydropower Systems
Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Systems
Boiler Technology
Fluidised Bed Systems
Design of Heat Exchangers
Industrial Robotics
Computer Aided Product Design 
Mechanics of Machines and solids
Metal Forming Processes
Turbo Machines
Gas Dynamics & Jet Propulsion 
Computational Fluid Dynamics 
Production Planning & Control 
Total Productive Maintenance 
Product Design & Development
Cryogenic Engineering 
Wind and Solar Power Engineering
Solid Mechanics
Advanced Concrete Design
Fluid Mechanics & Dynamics
Structural Design & Analysis
Transportation Engineering
Highway Pavement Design
GIS & Remote Sensing
Water Resources Engineering
Architecture and Town Planning
Seismic Design of Structures
Environmental Engineering
Software Applications in Civil Engineering
Finite Element Analysis
Non Destructive Testing
Advanced Strength of Materials
Smart Structures and Smart Materials 
Housing Planning and Management
Irrigation Engineering 
Storage Structures
Steel Structures
Design of Bridges
Design of Foundation Structures
Design of Shell and Spatial Structures
Design of Steel Concrete Composite Structures
Design of Structures for Dynamic Loads
Design of Tall Buildings
Disaster Resistant Structures
Offshore Structures
Applied Hydraulic Engineering 
Design of Plate and Shell Structures
Railways and Airport Engineering 
Industrial Waste Management 
Ecological Engineering 
Pavement Engineering 
Matrix Computer Methods of Structural Analysis
Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity Industrial Structures 
Coastal Zone Management
Downstream Processing
Cellular Biochemistry Industrial Microbiology
Fermentation Technology, 
IPR/ISO and Industrial Management 
Enzyme Engineering 
Environmental Biotechnology
Bioreactor Engineering
Immuno Technology
Molecular Biology, GeneticEngineering
Biosafety and Bioethics
Proteomics and Genomics
Molecular Modelling and Drug Design
Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 
Food Biotechnology 
Animal Biotechnology 
Numerical Methods and Optimization 
Biosafety and Bioethic
Process Calculations 
Biochemical Engineering
Fuels and Combustion 
Process Synthesis and Integration
Bio-process Engineering
Optimization of Chemical Process
Fermentation Technology 
Modern Separation Operations
Polymer Technology 
Petroleum Technology
Chemical Plant Utilities
Computer Aided Process Plant Design 
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Pilot Plant and Scale up Methods 
Fluidization Engineering 
Safety and Hazard Analysis
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Transport Phenomena
Modelling & Simulation in Chemical Engineering 
Equipment Design and Control 
Chemical Reaction Engineering  
Cell Biology 
Industrial Biotechnology 
Bio-Organic Chemistry 
Bioprocess Principles 
Enzyme Engineering and Technology 
Instrumental Methods of Analysis 
Molecular Biology 
Chemical Reaction Engineering 
Genetic Engineering 
Mass Transfer and Separation 
Analytical Techniques in Biotechnology 
Downstream Processing 
Protein Engineering 
Plant Biotechnology 
Animal Biotechnology 
Biological Spectroscopy 
Metabolic Engineering 
Chromatographic Separations 
Biopharmaceutical Technology 
Genomics and Proteomics 
Molecular Pathogenesis 
Developmental Biology 
Cancer Biology 
Bioprocess Economics and Plant Design 
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design 
Neurobiology and Cognitive Sciences 
Stereochemistry and Substitution Reactions 
Organic Reaction Mechanisms 
Surface Chemistry 
Statistical Thermodynamics 
Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy 
Electro Analytical and Separation Techniques 
Methodology in Organic Synthesis 
Natural Products Chemistry 
Materials Chemistry 
Bio Inorganic Chemistry 
Inorganic Photochemistry 
Advanced Materials Chemistry 
Nano Materials 
Environmental Analytical Chemistry 
Immunochemical and Radio Analytical Techniques 
Organic Spectroscopy
Advances in Textile Chemical Processing
Fibre Science
Management of the Textile Industry
New Spinning Technology
Statistical Application in Textile Engineering
Development on Fabric Production
Fabric Quality Evaluation
Yarn Quality Analysis
Long Staple Spinning Technology
Knitting Technology
Bonded Fabrics
Garment Technology
Theory of Textile Structures
Theory of Colouration
Fundamentals of Colour Science
Industrial Textiles
Classical Mechanics 
Electromagnetic Theory 
Quantum Mechanics 
Statistical Physics 
Solid State Physics
Spectroscopic instrumentation Techniques 
Methods in Spectroscopy 
Material Sciences 
Thin Films – Science and Technology
Advanced Nuclear Physics
Accounting for Managers 
 Economics for Managers 
 Management Information Systems 
 Managerial Communication 
 Organizational Behaviour 
 Principles of Management 
 Quantitative Analysis 
 Cost and Management Accounting 
 Environment for Business 
 Financial Management 
Human Resource Management 
 Marketing Management 
Production and Operations Management 
 Research Methodology and Operations Research
Real Dynamic System 
Complex Dynamic system 
Functional Analysis 
Mathematical Modeling 
Fluid Dynamic System
Graph Theory 
Number Theory
Field Theory
Real and Complex Analysis
Ordinary differential Equators
Partial Differential Equators
Numerical Analysis
Classical Mechanics

All areas of research and development in the field of Engineering, Management  and Sciences